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Fly away for a few days. Not simply a jaunt for young lovers, European city breaks offer a wealth of attractions, plenty to see and explore, accommodations and facilities for visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking for a luxury holiday or a more budget-conscious short break, we can organise your city break in Europe with the greatest of ease and a wealth of information.


Athens, capital city of Greece, birthplace of the Western World, and home to some of the most important archaeological sites and ruins in the whole world. Athens is a city that has so much to offer visitors. From the historical background and sites of the city, to the stunning beaches that can be found along the south coast of Attica, Athens has everything one could need for the ultimate "Greek Holiday" experience.


A holiday in Thessaloniki is a good choice for those looking for a busy and lively city break, with plenty of good food, sights and culture, and the added bonus of some wonderful beach resorts close by. There are countless museums in the city to visit, and archaeological sites in and around Thessaloniki to visit include the Palace of Galerius, the Roman Forum and Baths, and Vergina, a group of important sites home to the tomb of Alexander the Greats' father. Mount Olympus, the birthplace of the gods and Greece's' highest mountain, lies just 77km away, and the beaches of Halkidiki can be reached in just 45 minutes.


Known as the City of Light since the main avenues lit with gas lamps in 1828. It attracts millions of tourists every year who go to admire the architecture of the city, its monuments and rich museums exhibits. An important part of the city is the River Seine, which divides the city into two parts, left and right side. The French capital has a large number of historical and religious buildings, museums, parks and Theatreland. In Paris there are almost 160 museums, 200 permanent exhibitions, 100 theaters, 600 cinemas and more than 10,000 restaurants.


Prague is the Czech capital. A city which preserves its identity and the sentimentality. Medieval charm, architectural patterns with doses ranging from Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau, 350 theaters, operas, 25 museums, 100 galleries and countless jazz clubs is magnificent as a modern fairy tale and ideal for all ages. Also called the "golden city "and" mother of cities " . Since 1992, the historic center of Prague belongs to the World Heritage List of UNESCO. It is without doubt the cities with the most visited in Europe.


A town that knows how to enchant every visitor. Vienna stands in the center of Europe keeping memories of the glorious past. A city like a museum where the masterpieces of still have the spark of his time ' baroque ' and 'art nouveau ' where to travel to worlds of Mozart and Strauss.


Malta holidays became popular due to the fine weather, good beaches and warm, clear waters. Malta holidays also introduce visitors to the fascinating heritage of Malta, including some of the oldest prehistoric stone structures in the world and a range of baroque buildings and fortifications. Malta is a small island that cries out to be explored, although there is plenty of escape from the bustling streets of the capital Valletta in the secluded bays and sandy beaches.

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